October/November 2014

The Oceanettes are pleased to announce that we have three new members; Regina Desvernine, Judy Kessler and Ina Marantz. Please be sure to introduce yourselves and welcome them. Most of you may have met them at the Chapter Show when they participated by selling raffles and water/candy, or in Wildwood. Thank you to the new members for pitching in and helping us.

Thank you to all the ladies who helped with the show: Margee Burke, Joan D’Elia, Regina Desvernine, Eileen Ferguson, Linda Gurzo, Dee Kiley, Kittie Revello, Ella Sorino, and myself. I’d like to extend a personal thank you to Linda for being my replacement Friday evening to help with the stage decorations. We may be a small group but, without a doubt, we certainly can make a lot happen.

The Oceanettes got a helping hand from the Oceanaires not only singing at Boscov’s the day of their "Friends Helping Friends" event but also by buying Shopping Passes. They kicked off this project for us by purchasing $185.00 worth of the $5.00 Discount Cards. A large group of singers showed up to entertain the shoppers at Boscov’s: Don Albanese, Barry Burke, Desi Desvernine, Jim Donohue, John Farrell, Bob Featheringham, Bill Fuschetto, Joe Gurzo, Dave Kessler, Al Kiley, Joe Mack, Rick Revello, Rob Sorino, Vic Lido, Walter Trevaskis and Al Wagner. Thank you, gentlemen, for being on our side. The ladies who gave their time also deserve our thanks: Margee Burke, Joan D’Elia, Regina Desvernine, Dee Kiley and Kittie Revello. A special thank you to Ella Sorino who co-ordinated with Boscov’s for us. We hope you all had some fun at the mall. This project earned over $500.00 for our treasury. Congratulations!

A lot of us attended the District Contest in Wildwood. I’m sure the Oceanaires will write about the contest. On a lighter side, we hope the guys enjoyed surprising Ritchie with their red socks. At the Afterglow, the Oceanettes handed out gift bags to the quartets who came to sing for us. It was great to have the opportunity to chat with them and to hear them sing up close and personal. Naturally the evening ended with the clean- up. Thanks to everyone who stayed to help. The next contest will be May 15-16 in Cherry Hill. See you then!


An E-Mail to the Oceanettes
Dated October 15, 2014

Dear Ella, Pat, Eileen, Linda, Joan, Dee, Regina, Margee, Kitty and Judy:
Just a brief note to tell you how much I and all the Oceanaires appreciate all the work that you do throughout the year and especially during “show time”.
 Thanks for the gift basket raffle and for handling our wine gifts,
 thanks for running the box office,
 thanks for pulling off the most efficient stage preparation ever,
 thanks for ushering,
 thanks for selling refreshments,
 thanks for helping to serve food at the afterglow and cleaning up afterwards,
 thanks for handling the curtain during the show,
 thanks for your help on the last minute script changes and hotel reservations,
 thanks for coming up with the WOW, WOW,WOW “idea” and the colorful signs. (since the school left our 2013 music notes on the curtains, we decided to leave your WOWS on the curtains as well.)
 thanks for just being there,
 and thanks for everything else that I may have missed that made “Barbershop, Now That’s Entertainment” a well-organized and totally enjoyable evening.
When the audience began standing up during the finale and then gave us that stunning ovation, I think we all knew that we had succeeded in entertaining our audience! Every Oceanette has to be proud of her contribution to the show’s success. We are all indebted to each of you. On a personal note, I enjoyed working with each of you… you certainly made my job easier.

Sincerely, Joe (Mack)





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